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Date Started: {{{Event Start}}}
Founder: {{{Founder}}}
Current Organizer: {{{Organizer}}}

When: {{{Event When}}}
Time: {{{Event Time}}}
Cost: {{{Event Cost}}}
Where: {{{Event Where}}}
Fursuiting allowed: {{{Fursuiting allowed}}}
Tails and Ears allowed: {{{T&E allowed}}}
Minors Allowed: {{{Minors allowed}}}
Wifi available: {{{wifi}}}
Average number of attendees: {{{number of attendees}}}
Regular attendees: {{{Regular attendees}}}

Description: {{{Description}}}



First, copy the full code in the box below. Then, goto the search box and search your event name. It will say something like: Create the page "FurrysMeetNmeHere" on this wiki!. Click the name to open up the editor for that page. Paste the info you copied from below into your page. Next, type the answers to the questions in the box to the right of the = (ex. wifi = Yes). To get the Google Map code, click the "make a map" button which is the far right button above the editor, search for your events location and copy the code it gives you under the map (copy the whole code from "<googlemap" to "</googlemap>" and paste after the GMap = section.)

| Event Start = 
| Founder = 
| Organizer = 
| Event When = 
| Event Time = 
| Event Cost = 
| Event Where = 
| Fursuiting allowed = 
| T&E allowed = 
| Minors allowed = 
| wifi = 
| number of attendees = 
| Regular attendees = 
| Description = 
| GMap = 

Event Start = Date the event was started (est.)
Founder = The person who first created the event
Organizer = The person who is currently running it
Event When = Days of your event (ex. Every Friday)
Event Time = Starting time and end time (ex 7pm to 9pm)
Event Cost = Roughly the avg cost of a plate (if food location) or game(s) (if an arcade or bowling)
Event Where = Name of place, address & phone number
Fursuiting allowed = Yes/No if that location allows it, if unknown call or put no to be safe
T&E allowed = Yes/No if that location allows it, if unknown call or put no to be safe
Minors allowed = If minors are allowed in that locatio (If its a bar or like Gameworks after 9pm is 21 and over
Wifi = If that location has wifi
Number of attendees = Avg number of people who show up
Regular attendees = List of people who normally show
Description = What your event is about
GMap = the Google Map code in full (Cut/Paste it, it will not show in preview)