Oak Park, IL Coffee

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Founder: Nicholas Svoboda aka Tommy Fox
Current Organizer: Nicholas Svoboda aka Tommy Fox

When: Every Friday (except major holidays and unless noted otherwise in a LAFF E-Mail)
Time: 6pm until 8pm, then a vote on what to do next.
Where: Caribou Coffee 423 N. Harlem Ave, Oak Park, IL Google Maps
Oak Park, IL Caribou Coffee.png
Fursuiting allowed: Not in Coffee place only after and outside.
Tails and Ears allowed: Yes
Wifi available: Yes

Description: A weekly furmeet that happens every Friday of the year! We meet weekly at the Caribou Coffee in Oak Park, right off the end of the Green Line. Come and join us for some fuzzy fun! Parking is free (up to 3 hours for customers only as stated on signs posted) but might be hard to find. Try across Harlem, there's usually parking to be found (Check posted signs as not all spaces are free). Note: In google Maps, this location comes up as Chicago, IL but it is Oak Park as listed in there website)