Norridge, IL Laser Tag

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Current Organizer: Kataze the Skunk

When: Friday, January 17th
Time: around 7:30pm to 11pm
Cost: The standard 15-minute games are $9 for non-members and $7 if you have a membership. The memberships are $10 so they pay for themselves reasonably fast and I totes recommend them. We usually also play two 30 minute "Ironman" missions, which are $12 for non-members and $11 for members.
Where: Laser Quest, 4167 North Harlem Avenue, Norridge, IL 60706 (Google Maps)
NorridgeIL Laser Quest.png

Description: What's up furries?

It's been a while, but the hiatus is finally over! I am proud to present unto you FURRY LASER TAG V: THE LACK OF SUBTITLES. (I'm too tired to come up with something clever)

Okay, here come the deets:

I'm going to be at Laser Quest in Norridge this Friday, January 17th around 7:30pm and if all goes well, MANY OTHER FURRIES will also be there. We stay until the last game of the day which takes place at 11 PM, so if you're not up for that amount of insanity, you can totally join us a little bit later in the day or leave earlier. Either way, we'd totally love to see you there!

And if you're transit-happy like myself, you can reach it by hopping a blue line to Harlem, and taking the route 90 bus south.

Last time we had some transportation difficulty due to the fact that the 90 has stopped running by the end of our event. If you decide to stay for the whole shebang (usually wrapping up by 11:30), you can take the route 80 bus to Irving Park blue line, and head home that way.

Whew. In short, you should all come because it is a HELLA GOOD TIME.

Hope to see ya'll there!


Kataze the Skunk