Millennium Park Fursuiting

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When: Saturday, January 18th, 2014
Time: 2pm to 5-ish
Cost: The parking garage costs around $25 (thanks, Chicago). Otherwise, it's absolutely free!
Where: If you arrive before 2:30, there's a staircase on the corner of Monroe St. and Columbus Dr. that leads right to the lobby, where the fursuiters will be getting ready (we'd appreciate it if some handlers could meet us there). Google Maps Fursuiters can meet up around 2:00 near the SE lobby on Level TWO of the Millennium Park Parking Garage. (It can be a little tricky to find- follow the signs for "Segway tours" and you'll make it there!) If you're late, the parking garage is still a good place to suit up- it's pretty vacant so there's little chance of "ruining the magic"! Hopefully, we'll be able to head out by 2:30.
Millennium Park Furmeet.png
Fursuiting allowed: Yes
Tails and Ears allowed: Yes

Description: We're going fursuiting in Millennium Park and the surrounding area for a few hours, before the bowling meet later that night! Furry gear (ears/tails/etc.) is welcome, too, if you don't have a fursuit.

Contact Dittman Rat at or Dyandod on FurAffinity for any questions or concerns!