Lombard, IL 2014 Softball

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Current Organizer: Quasi Skunk

When: April 26th, May 17th, June 21st, July 19th, August 16th, September 20th, October 4th
Time: Games will start PROMPTLY at 2 PM, so PLEASE get to the park by NOON for batting/fielding/trash talking practice. Note: IF YOU ARE NOT THERE WHEN WE PICK ROSTERS, YOU’RE NOT PLAYING. We will NOT hold up the game because you aren’t there.
Where: Madison Meadows in Lombard, IL Google Map
Fursuiting allowed: Yes
Tails and Ears allowed: Yes
Wifi available: No

Description: We have 7 games scheduled for this year. Also, not all the games could be scheduled the normal 4 weeks apart: blame all the extra cons and other meets for that XD. The dates are, as of right now, free of conflict (except for ACEN on may 17), and 6 out of the 7 are SoftBowl dates!
As always, games are badgeless and free, and fursuiting is welcomed! (What’s a team without a Mascot anyway? Even the CUBS now have one XD) Every now n then, if it isn’t too terribly hot out, we may have a short Fursuit game as well (time and weather permitting of course).
We will play at Madison Meadows in Lombard; this is where we've been playing for the last few years. Link to Google Maps: http://goo.gl/maps/1z31z We will play on the Western 3-pack fields (off of Fairfield Rd…turn onto Harding to get to the parking lot) for ALL of the games, unless they are taken. If those 3 fields are busy, we’ll decide where to go then.
I will post gameday updates on Twitter, under @LAFFBALL. I will NOT use email, LJ, FB or the LAFFList to post updates any more; Twitter reaches more people faster. I will still use LJ for rules, and (hopefully) scores, but Twitter is where gameday announcements will be posted. If you don’t see any notices on Twitter, then the game is on as planned. I’m sure Exile (@Huscoon) will be happy to re-Tweet them (cause he’s a dork like that XD).

"Other rules of note:"

  • (Updated) No Baseball bats. If it doesn’t say “Men’s softball” or “ASA BPF 1.20” on the bat, it can’t be used. I also recommend against using fast pitch bats, because they are too small and light for playing the bigger 12” ball we use. Its an automatic out if the batter uses an illegal bat.
  • Pitchers will now have to pitch from no closer than the pitcher’s mound built into the field, unless it is still deemed too close (i.e. under 50 feet). This is to prevent the pitcher from getting clobbered by a batted ball. (Not that pitching anywhere in the field will prevent it, but I’m trying to save people from injury as best as I can).
  • Please bring your own mitts. We have a couple right-handed mitts that we can lend out, but we don’t have many lefty mitts (those that throw left handed).
  • No metal cleats. Plastic only.
  • (Updated) We will now play modified 2” league softball rules. We WILL play with a 1-1 count, and play 9 innings with a break after 5 innings (if wanted). Also, no stealing, no leadoffs.
  • (NEW) If a team has less than 12 players, there will be no walks. This will speed up the game when we have a ton of players.
  • (NEW) 2nd foul and you’re out. This is the league rule, and since we’ve had numerous discussions about it, I’m stating it before we start.
  • (NEW) Quasi and/or Huscoon will have the final say on rules interpretation. Also, if the umpire needs help with a call (i.e. everyone wants to overrule the umpire), he/she should ask one of us for help. It’s a Furry Softball game, not Game 7 of the World Series.
  • If you start the game, please play the whole game; it is why you came out after all. If you leave, and you are not at bat within 1 minute, its an automatic out. If you are not in the field after 1 min of the inning starting, your team will play without you for that inning. We’re here to play ball, not babysit everyone.
  • And as always: we play for FURRY FUN! Not to mention the exercise, the natural Vitamin D, and to see all of our friends. Even if you’re not that good of a player, we’ll still want you to play. No one will make fun of you for being bad. But we can ALL make fun of Huscoon for being...Huscoon XD

If its rained out, the game will be cancelled (look for an announcement on gameday). I -MIGHT- re-schedule the game for the next day (Sunday) or the next weekend, but that depends on players’ availability and other things. Watch for announcements. This is especially true for the October game.

Hope to see everyone this Spring n Summer!

~Quasi - LAFF Softball Live Journal Entry