Kenosha, WI Coffee

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When: Every Friday(unless noted otherwise in a LAFF E-Mail)
Time: 7pm
Where: Mo's Cafe(Name of cafe may need to be updated. Char's Cafe maybe the new name.), 5537 6th Ave, Kenosha, WI 53140 Google Maps
Fursuiting allowed: No
Tails and Ears allowed: No

Description: Mo's is an independent and very LGBT friendly coffeehouse with an affordable menu of food and beverages. The staff is very receptive to our gatherings and we'd like to continue a positive relationship with them.
In other words:

  • This is not an appropriate setting for ears and tails
  • This is a business, so hanging out without ordering is rude

Again, everyone is welcome, but as was discussed among several of the regular attendees, we really wouldn't want things to turn sour with our venue. =)
For more information please watch the LAFF E-Mails.