Important Bowling Update - Badges Required

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I have heard that a lot of new people will be at LAFFBowl tonight. Probably a lot of people will show up who haven't yet been to any bowling meets in 2012 and still don't have a badge.

If you don't have a badge, please review the update at for details. If you will be at LAFFBowl tonight, please e-mail me at and give me your badge name ASAP so I can print it out for you before the meet and it will be waiting for you at dinner or bowling.

If you haven't "preregistered" for a badge you will be given a paper badge at the door.

The $2 payment for badges is also accepted by PayPal to laffbowl at but minimum payment accepted is $6 so get three people together to pay. If you're bowling or signing up as a volunteer, the badge is free.


Dear LAFF, At January LAFFBowl I found out about some new concerns and requests from the bowling alley. Independent of any suggestion from me, the alley has now requested that we have all attending persons sign the LAFF Bowling Code of Conduct. So - it's no longer my change - it's the bowling alley's change:


All the details will be the same as previously announced ($2 if you're not bowling, free if you are bowling or a volunteer badge). I am working on getting some artwork together and badge printing software programmed.

If you have not already given me your badge name at January LAFFBowl or after the first announcement of this change - please send me a *direct* e-mail with your badge name, and I can have the badge pre-printed for February bowling or whatever month you make it thereafter. All payments will be done the night you pick up and wear the badge. I will accept PayPal payment but only in amounts of $6 or higher so you can either have 3 non-bowlers pay together this way or just bowl that night. The PayPal address is laffbowl at (and don't send it early or it will not be applied toward the badge(s)!).

Also - I did not have anybody show up for the interview to take over as bowling chairman. I know several people expressed interest in taking over but none of them have come forward. Please talk to me at February bowling. If a replacement does not step up, that will unfortunately mean the end of LAFFBowl.