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Elmhurst Artemis Meet

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Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator meet: I'm moving the meets to Friday since Saturdays were tough for a lot of people. The meet will start at 6PM, and I will have some kind of food for everyone (I won't do pizza every time, just to mix it up).

It's at my house, and RSVP directly to my e-mail Timoran at Timoran dot com for the address (crowd control). It's close to Oakbrook Center mall and the Patio/Tivoli Bowling meets. Please let me know you're coming even if you already know my address. We will run into the late night (but not past 2 AM due to city parking restrictions).

Once again, bring a laptop or tablet if you can in case more stations are needed. I am prepared to set up multiple bridges if enough people show up.