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Welcome to LAFF,
the homepage of the Lake Area Furry Friends community.

Upcoming Events


To jump-start the rebuilding of our community and make it the best it can be, I am announcing our first ever Main Page Contest! If you can design the Main Page which is selected by the site staff as the best, you will win a $25 Gift Certificate for Amazon.com.

To enter, design the Main Page under User:Yourname/Main_Page replacing Yourname with your user name on the site, and link to it from LAFF Main Page Contest Entries. If it's illegal (e.g. a copyright violation or plagiarism) it's not eligible. Also, please keep graphics to a minimum to save bandwidth. Scoring guidelines will be posted although it's at the discretion of the admins which gets picked.

Note: It is possible that nobody will win if all the submissions are ugly. We will be bringing the event calendar back to the homepage at some point so add a placeholder about the same size as the calendar was. -Timoran 13:58, 26 January 2008 (PST)

Regular Events