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Downers Grove Furry Bowling

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Every First & Third Saturday of the month, the LAFFurs hold their monthly fursuit-friendly bowling meet. The evening begins with a welcoming dinner and then once food and drinks are had we round-up the fans towards their vehicles to head to the bowling alley. Thanks to cooperation with the bowling alley staff, furry fans are welcome to suit up and bowl in their fursuits. A headless lounge is provided by the alley free of charge. In the background, artists set up supplies on the tables and begin drawing, often offer sketches to friends or those interested. The event usually lasts 2 or 3 games before the after-parties begin. Popular venues are Denny's, Steak n Shake, and SliderCon at White Castle.

Updates can be received on the new Downers Grove Bowling facebook page Live updates can be recived via our Twitter @DGFurBowl

For any questions or concerns you can E-mail us at DGFurBowl@gmail.com Google Documents can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/DGFurBowlG-D

2016 UPDATE & CHANGES posted on 12/29/15

There will be a $3 'CASH' entry fee for anyone that is not bowling. This has been updated since the last years $1 fee per the request of the venue. The event staff will not be keeping the entry fee. This will go immediately to the venue. Note that if you are bowling then you do not have to pay the $3 entry fee. You will have to pay the $11 for bowling. It is highly encouraged that you bowl. This is a bowling establishment. Tivoli has been kind enough to let us reserve the whole alley for our event. The more we have bowling and purchasing from the bar, (food or drink). The better it is for all of us.

Badges In order to participate in bowling and/or socialize with members in our designated areas, The first badge you receive will be on us. You must pay $2 'CASH' to replace your badge if it is lost, or have forgotten your badge more than 3 times. The badges are not cheap. We are covering the cost of your first badge. You may not enter designated bowling areas without your badge. There will be no refunds for donations for any reason, including if the event is canceled or ended early, or your badge is revoked. This is because the fee covers supplies and wear/tear on the badge printing machinery. Lost badges will not be replaced, you must purchase a new badge and your lost badge will be voided.

Our host venues have been advised that any participant who does not have a badge openly displayed is not considered a part of our group and the host venue has our permission and request to eject such people from the common areas (including outside). Event staff will check badges at the door to our reserved areas and entry will not be permitted without one. All badges must be openly displayed at all times- including with costumes. Your badge must be visible on your person at all times during the event. If you do not have your badge with you, you must check in with staff to get a temporary, and to get your name strikes for the month, or you will not be allowed to participate in the event. Badges are property of staff and must be surrendered upon demand by any event staff or host venue staff. If your badge is taken away, you must discuss with event leaders how to regain your badge. If your badge is revoked, you may not return to future events without written permission from event leaders.


Downers Grove Furry Bowling Flyer

To help everyone out as to when all the meets are (in case something doesn't get FB, or Twitter updates) here is a list of ALL the dates. All dates are subject to change. We do our best to update them in a timely manor. Note; not all days may not be the 1st and 3rd Saturday:

Downers Grove Furry Bowling 2016 Dates
1st Meet 2nd Meet
January 7th January 21st February 4th February NO BOWLING 3RD SATURDAY
March 4th March 18th
April 1st April 15th
May 6th May 20th
June 3rd June 17th
July 1st July 15th
August 5th August 19th
September 2nd September 16th
October 7th October 21st
November 4th November 18th
(NO December 2nd meet due to MidWest Furfest this weekend) December 16th

Event Summary


Downers Grove Furry Bowling 2015 Staff Group Picture - Top: Cavix, Anthrax, Ravyn, Lavos, Unix. - Bottom: Narkiel, Odie, Razz, Jade, Midget

If you have any questions, issues or concerns please find one of us we will have special badges that say STAFF on them.

The Staff consists of (in no real order) Jade, Odie, Razz, Lavos, Anthrax, Eight, Narkiel, Scorch, Takumi/Ravyn, Kamikaze, Gazzy,& Glacier.

  • Head B*tch in charge Odie
  • Head of the LAW (Security): Takumi/Ravyn
  • Security Officers: Razz, Anthrax, Odie, & Kamikazi(Securikitty)
  • Registration: Lavos, Anthrax & Gazzy
  • Door & bowling signups: Scorch, Glacier & Razz
  • Consultants/Advisor: Jade

We also have an ever-changing group of awesome volunteers (who wear special volunteer badges to signify this) If you are interesting in joining staff, please see a staffer and ask to be a volunteer first(so we get to know you). Contact info: Please e-mail us at DGFurBowl@gmail.com

Cover Charge

The alley has asked for a $3 'CASH' cover charge each meet for all non-bowlers attending this meet. If you are bowling the fee is waived(or included however you want to look at it) in with the $11/person to bowl.


Anyone in attendance at Tivoli Bowl who is part of our group must wear a D.G. Fur Bowl badge, regardless of whether you enter our function space or bowling lanes. Badges signify acceptance of the LAFF Event, and must be displayed at all times while on Tivoli's property.

This year your first BADGE is FREE! You can only get your badges at the alley at the registration table(setup in the party room, to the left) must show some form of government/state picture ID with your date of birth, so that we can give you the proper badge.

Replacement badges will cost you $2 'CASH'. For cost of materials.

Code of Conduct

Please read our Code of Conduct: http://tinyurl.com/DGFurBowlC-O-C

Minors (17 Years old and under)

Minors(17 yrs of age & under) who are not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian (21yrs or order) are not permitted, UNLESS they have their parent/guardian sign a consent form prior to attending.

If the parent/guardian is not with the minor when registering and handing in the consent form we will need to call the parent/guardian and verify the inform provide is correct before we are able to issue a badge and allow said minor into the function space, if we are not able to verify the information admittance will be denied until we can verify.

Parental consent forms can be found below or you can request to have one e-mailed to you at DGFurBowl@gmail.com.


Dinner (N/AA)

Date Started: Currently there is no specific location for dinner. normally people do individual groups and not one large group.
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All details are as same as above except for the following:

Current Organizer: Odie & D.G. Fur Bowl Staff

Time: 9:00/9:30 pm
Cost: $3 Cover charge for non-bowlers & $11 for unlimited bowling through midnight and shoes
Where: Tivoli Bowl, 938 Warren Ave., Downers Grove, IL. Google Maps
Tivoli Bowling Lanes.png
Fursuiting allowed: Full-fursuits are allowed, but your footpaws must be non-slip, indoor only for safety. A designated changing space is provided for fursuiters.
Tails and Ears allowed: Yes
Minors Allowed: yes
Regular attendees: 100+


  • Expected activities: Bowling, Artists Alley, Arcade games, etc. Or you could be boring and just talk with your friends and socialize the whole time.
  • Notes: You may sign up for bowling at The Patio or the bowling alley, but signup must be done before 9:25. After then, signup is closed.

After Bowling Wind-down

After parties are usually organized on a spur of the moment basis around midnight, as bowling winds down.

  • Denny's 17W660 22nd St Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181 Google Maps
    Oakbrook Terrace, IL Dennys.png
    (Due to popular demand from the many going to this Denny's location now, I added it so people know where to go. One server each time and for some reason seem to do better then SnS ordering process plus we get to use there private room all for us. As of last meet, we filled it up.)


The LAFF Bowling event was first organized by Ash in early 2004. The first meet only had four attendees. Since then, attendance has skyrocketed to an average of 30-50 furries each month, with some months bringing even bigger crowds than that. Several people have taken charge of organizing the event as it has been handed down to new volunteers. Following Ash were Butterscotch, Shale, Blazger, Rayven, Timoran, Reimori, and is now being run by a D.G.Fur Bowling STAFF committee that was headed by JadeWolf Who has now passed the torch on to Odie.

The event began at the Fox Bowl in Wheaton, Illinois, where it remained for several years. While Shale was running the event, it moved for the first time; on October 28th, 2006, the Halloween Bowl event introduced the Brunswick Zone Glendale Heights alley. At this alley, there were several new features: Air Hockey, DDR, Karaoke, and a large party room. At first, fursuit feet could not be worn in the alleys, and there was no private changing area except the restroom; both issues have since been resolved. Unfortunately, the alley's Karaoke event was moved to Friday nights, but soon after Timoran began hosting Wii events, primarily including Super Smash Bros. Melee.

In addition to the new alley, October brought a new staff member to the bowling event: Blacksilver, who would assume the role of Bowling Alley Liaison. He is responsible for maintaining good will with the bowling alley to ensure that the event's unique needs are met. Any issues the group has with the alley, or vice versa, are often channeled through him. However, being an employee of the alley specially suited him for this role, and when the event moved to Tivoli Bowl he resigned the position.

Since the move to Brunswick, several furs wanted to revive a Fox Bowl event. On June 23, 2007, Blazger and Rayven briefly revived the Fox Bowl event. Two dinners were run prior to bowling: Baker's Square by Blazger, and Buona Beef by Rayven, both at 7:00. Unfortunately, Fox Bowl's leagues posed a space problem and Fox Bowl could no longer host Furry Bowling. The hosts have indicated that they are investigating the option of starting a new LAFF event, such as Miniature Golf.

On August 18, 2007, Shale announced that he would no longer run the Bowling meet. Timoran volunteered to assume the role of event organizer, and his first organized bowling event ran on September 15, 2007.

In January 2008, Timoran announced that Bowling would move to a new alley, since the Brunswick Zone would no longer have a party room available. The new alley, Tivoli Bowl, would provide the same amenities and pricing as before.

In Mid 2012, Timoran stepped down from the mantel of organizer, passing the torch to Reimori and a few volunteers. Later that year, Reimori would pass the torch to the LAFF STAFF committee, headed by JadeWolf and Chaz to keep the event running.

Come 2014 an official change in name to "Downers Grove Furry Bowling" aka D.G. Fur Bowl was made. The change was made due there being other bowling events in the Lake Area so we wanted to be more specific about the location of this one and give the other bowling events a chance to grow. There is still a committee of furries to help keep it running, called D.G.Fur Bowl Staff. It was headed by JadeWolf til

End of 2015 JadeWolf handed over the torch to Odie and the rest of the D.G.Fur Bowl Staff but has stayed a part of the staff in order to help.