Chicago Panera Bread Meet

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When: Every Wednesday (except major holidays and unless noted otherwise in a LAFF E-Mail)

Where: Panera Bread 501 South State Street, Chicago, Illinois 60605
Time: Starting around 07.00 p.m. until ??.??

Fursuiting allowed: Yes

Tails and Ears allowed: Yes

WiFi: Yes - Free and unsecured (signal strength is very weak in the back section)

Description: Eat, drink, and mingle! That's basically what we're all about. This meet caters mainly to the furs that live or work in the city of Chicago itself, but all furries are invited to tag along! If everyone has the time or the energy left afterwards and as long as everyone agrees to a suggestion to do so, we do some other fun stuff afterwards in downtown!

So come by to Panera Bread, on the corner of State and Congress in the South Loop and just hang out! Our door's open and waiting. :3.

Current Organizer and Founder: Manny Zamudio

Panera Bread